How To Lose Weight By Performing Workouts

How To Lose Weight By Performing Workouts

To lose weight, a person should exercise their body regularly by performing certain workouts. Exercises help in building metabolism muscles and also in losing calories per workout. You must keep a goal in mind to lose weight and lose about 1 pound to 2 pounds per week.


Exercise regularly

To lose weight, exercise daily for at least an hour. If you are not able to exercise for an hour continuously, then you can break your sessions into two. Initially, you may not be able to able to exercise regularly, so you can perform exercises at least for 3 to 4 days a week.

Weight lifting is an ideal exercise for such people and it rapidly helps in losing weight. This exercise should be performed for at least 20 minutes in a day.

High intensity interval training

Perform HIIT at least for 20 minutes continuously and you can burn around 15 calories per minute. After performing for 20 minutes, you can rest for 1 minute and again perform them until you complete it four times.

You must just perform some workouts intensely and rapidly so that you can burn your calories quickly.

Some home exercises to lose weight

Climbing and getting down the staircase: by just climbing the staircase and getting down from the staircase for nearly 5 to 6 times can help you to lose weight and also build muscles.

Floor exercises:  You can perform some exercises that involve touching your body to the floor. By performing squats, burpees and pushups, you can lose your weight quickly and also your muscles become stronger. Some workouts can be performed by lying down on your back also.

Doorway exercises: By standing at the doorway, you can perform squats by taking the support of the doorway. You can repeat these exercises for 10 times at least.

Mat exercises:  Just lie down on the mat facing backwards and your hands should be stretched to the ground. Then get up slowly until you balance your body on your toes and hands and your waist faces upwards. You are standing in a V position.  Then try to push your legs lose to your body. Then slowly, pull your legs backwards again and repeat it for 30 seconds.

Kitchen slab: You must stand in a slant position by placing your hands at the kitchen slab and bending your body. Your feet should be located away from the slab. You can bend your legs, stretch your hands and even perform squats.

Intense workouts: If you go out for walking, you can increase the speed of your walking for few seconds. You can also perform other exercises such bicycling, swimming, running or any elliptical exercises more speedily for few seconds. You can do jogging several times in a day whenever you are free for 5 minutes.

You can also practice yoga regularly and perform workouts that pertain to balancing your body and bending your body. In this way, you can lose your weight gradually.


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